ecophilia - a lived philosophy for the Ecocene

By Jessica Böhme

Ecophilia is an in(tra)dependent, journal-like newsletter exploring ecophilia - a lived philosophy for the Ecocene. It is rooted in the intersection of ecology, spirituality, and science. I share the best things I learn, science & experienced based.

Ecophilia is an in(tra)dependent, journal-like newsletter exploring ecophilia - a lived philosophy for the Ecocene. It is rooted in the intersection of ecology, spirituality, and science. I share the best things I learn, science & experienced based.

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ecophilia - What happens when we outgrow our shell?

Once upon a time, I felt out of the dominant philosophy of my culture. I was no longer interested in entertainment, in material achievement, in great adventures that require a lot of natural resources, or in pursuing a career. The way of life that I inherited…


Three observations about meaninglessness

Meaninglessness is internal.


ecophilia - Living Two Lives

It's a sunny Tuesday morning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After the heavy rain last night, the air is crisp, and the scent of Canadian goldenrod tickles my membranes. Shyly, I open the top floor window to take a well-earned, deep breath, when suddenly, I hear som…


ecophilia - Life and meaninglessness

I’d always expected that one day, my life would leave a dent in the Universe. I will have mattered. One day, I will do something spectacular that the whole world will care about. People will not only want what I offer but also need it. And not just human peop…


ecophilia - Rooting Philosophy

While walking in the forest yesterday, I looked at the trees, shrubs, and ground cover, and there was this specific little shrub that I have been walking past many times. He is lush green, very dense, and has beautifully shaped leaves. I felt tempted to dig h…


ecophilia - Scaling vs. Fractals

I haven’t talked much about fractals yet and many people that I talk to about the project of fasting, fungi & fractals don’t understand what I mean by fractals and why it matters. As I described before, "a fractal is a never-ending pattern. They are infin…


ecophilia - Re-enchantment through fasting

As I described before, I consider fasting to be a regenerative practice. For the transition towards the Ecocene, I am convinced that we have to go through changes that feel uncomfortable. Through fasting, I want to explore how to feel comfortable, at ease, an…


ecophilia - an emerging philosophy

I have been using the name ecophilia for a while without knowing what it is. “Eco” means home. The house we live in, the land we are part of, the air we breathe, and the water filling us. “Philia” is one of the eight greek words for love referring to friendsh…


ecophilia - fasting, fractals & fungi - How we can change - some results from 10+ years of research

One of the questions I find most compelling in my research for transitioning towards the Ecocene is the simple question of how to change. And one way I go about this is to understand what makes change for me personally possible, even if it is hard. Such as fa…


ecophilia - fasting, fungi & fractals - Change & Acceptance

Two people close to my heart got in a heated argument last weekend. One of them said that he was not hopeful about the future. The other one was. I find the question of whether to be pessimistic or optimistic fascinating. I have asked myself the same many tim…


ecophilia - fasting, fungi & fractals - Things

“An actant is a source of action that can be either human or nonhuman; it is that which has efficacy, can do things, has sufficient coherence to make a difference, produce effects, alter the course of events.” LatourEdibles, commodities, storms, fabrics. They…


ecophilia - From fasting to autoimmunity as a fractal doorway

To me, fasting is a probiotic practice. I also consider it to be a healing practice. Mentally and physically. Reminded by Sophie Strand in her recent post about autoimmunity and trauma, I wonder if healing practices, such as fasting, are conducive to the Ecoc…


ecophilia - fasting, fungi & fractals - Finding a more beautiful world

I don't seek, I findSeeking, that is starting from old stocksand the drive to find the already known.Finding, that is the entirely new.All ways are open, and what is found is unknown.It is a risk, a holy adventure.The uncertainty of such ventures can only be …


ecophilia - fasting, fungi & fractals - Mycelium and Embodied Cognition

Mycelium is the connective tissue in an ecology. It sews much of the world into relation. It is also how fungi feed. Instead of digesting food inside their body, like plants, animals, and humans, fungi digest food and then absorb it into their bodies. If the …


ecophilia - fasting, fungi & fractals - on theories of change

Theories of Change offer us causal relationships to make change happen. As a transformation researcher, finding THE theory of change, the one core theory that makes all change towards the Ecocene easier and possible, has been my cup of tea.I was looking for t…


ecophilia - fasting, fungi & fractals - fungally

The fascinating difference in worldview is between a static and a process dominating perspective. The static perspective is abstract, closed, isolating, passive, one-dimensional, and unchanging. The process perspective is contextualizing, open, relational, ge…


ecophilia - fasting, fractals & fungi - Mimetic desire and dignity

“Man is the creature who does not know what to desire, and he turns to others in order to make up his mind. We desire what others desire because we imitate their desires.” René GirardRené Girard was a Frenchman who was a professor of literature and history in…


ecophilia - fasting, fungi & fractals - The fractal struggles of fasting

My fast is an attempt to respond to the overconsumption. Consuming less is a key to transitioning towards the Ecocene. I do that by wearing the same dress every day and by fasting. I have been asked by a few people what the fast looks like, so I want to share…


ecophilia - fasting, fungi & fractals - My dress is a process

My dress is made out of a linen, viscose mix. Through a static lens, it is a self-contained object, reducible to the various cuts of fabric, the yarn, and coconut buttons. These dress parts are reducible to inert material atoms. The value of the dress is the …


ecophilia - fasting, fungi & fractals - Fasting, control and the sense that doesn't have a name

One of the fatal flaws of fasting is the idea of control and restriction. If control and restriction worked to make us do what we say we want to do, we wouldn't be where we are. But first ….One summer day in a chateau near Paris, twenty-two people gathered ar…